Friday, September 16, 2011

9 time World Champion: Valentino Rossi

Ok so here's a picture of Valentino Rossi like I promised. It was pretty fun doing this one because his leathers are really colourful and its got his traditional sun and moon motif. He's always been a little artistically inclined, or at least appreciates it, so thats always caught my attention about him. This guy is widely considered the best and it's because of him that I got into watching MotoGP (even though he was on the Repsol Honda team back then). It's been a tough year on the Ducati for him, with development problems and recovering from his injury at the start of the season. His rivals better watch out for next year because when "The Doctor" gets the Ducati sorted out, they're all in trouble!

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kyle fitz-henry said...

solid drawings! you should keep going on this theme of motogp riders