Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ink and drafting paper

yeeeeaaahhhhhh son. Decided to try some ink on some drafting paper/vellum-ish kinda paper. Kind of gives a cool effect but will probably look a lot better once I do a few more and get a hang of how the ink reacts to the shiny paper.

ink warmups

Ink warm ups I did before all the other ones I just posted. Dunno why I didn't post this first but whatevs.


Ink on watercolour paper. No pencil lines, just brush to paper and go with it.


Some more ink on watercolour paper. No pencil lines, just brush to paper and go with it.

more ink

Ink on watercolour paper. No pencil lines, just brush to paper and go with it.


Wanted to play around with some ink. Ink on watercolour paper. No pencil lines, just brush to paper and go with it. Good for building up confidence.

Friday, September 16, 2011

9 time World Champion: Valentino Rossi

Ok so here's a picture of Valentino Rossi like I promised. It was pretty fun doing this one because his leathers are really colourful and its got his traditional sun and moon motif. He's always been a little artistically inclined, or at least appreciates it, so thats always caught my attention about him. This guy is widely considered the best and it's because of him that I got into watching MotoGP (even though he was on the Repsol Honda team back then). It's been a tough year on the Ducati for him, with development problems and recovering from his injury at the start of the season. His rivals better watch out for next year because when "The Doctor" gets the Ducati sorted out, they're all in trouble!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

more MOTOGP!

Finally took a lil time from work to do my own thing and I've been following the motoGP season pretty closely this season, so I decided "why not do a picture of Casey Stoner?" Even though I don't particularly like the guy, he can ride and I like the colours of the Repsol Honda team. I plan on doing a few more, probably of Rossi since he's my favourite and GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

Friday, May 20, 2011

oh look what i found...

pretty old and i thought i uploaded it with the rest of my facebook graffiti paintings from a while back but i guess not. i stumble upon while rifling through My Pictures on my comp and decided "meh, why not". looking back on it, it was pretty fun to do these things with the limited palette and brush sizes that the fb graffiti program offered. the small palette really forced you to fool around with the opacity of the colours (lol this one is black and white though). i think i might do another one sometime soon just for jokes and see how it goes.

Demo Reel 2011

Stefan Khan Demo Reel 2011 from Stefan Khan on Vimeo.

here's my demo reel for 2011. i'll be adding much more in the near future.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Some more drawings. Just some randoms stuff to get back in the swing of drawing


I wast watching some moto GP highlights and a pretty cool battle between Rossi and Lorenzo at Motegi last year. It's good to be drawing for fun again and i really like the colours of the bikes and the leathers of the riders. There's always a splash of colours everywhere because of the different sponsors they have.

The Backoo

The Backoo from Stefan Khan on Vimeo.

ok here's my final independent grad film :) hope you enjoy it.

Quick lil drawings

Just some scribbles.

One of the layouts from the my film. I actually liked doing this one, I thought it was a pretty cool angle and gave some mood to the setting.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dont Hate the Player Hate the Game

Just a little something I whipped up whist bored at home. I thought it would be jokes to do considering a lot of people hate Cristiano Ronaldo so much ahahahha

Maga colour test

Here's a test colour palette for my character in my film. These are the base colours and I'm planning to add overlays and stuff for different scenes to adjust for him standing in the light and standing in the dark.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Maga line test

Yet another pencil test of the main character, Maga, smoking.

Banana munch

Here's another line test of from my upcoming film. Just a quick scene of the backoo (genie/ghost creature) eating a bunch of bananas.

Rough scenes from 4th year film

rough line test from my film of one of the characters threatening the other.