Friday, May 20, 2011

oh look what i found...

pretty old and i thought i uploaded it with the rest of my facebook graffiti paintings from a while back but i guess not. i stumble upon while rifling through My Pictures on my comp and decided "meh, why not". looking back on it, it was pretty fun to do these things with the limited palette and brush sizes that the fb graffiti program offered. the small palette really forced you to fool around with the opacity of the colours (lol this one is black and white though). i think i might do another one sometime soon just for jokes and see how it goes.

Demo Reel 2011

Stefan Khan Demo Reel 2011 from Stefan Khan on Vimeo.

here's my demo reel for 2011. i'll be adding much more in the near future.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Some more drawings. Just some randoms stuff to get back in the swing of drawing


I wast watching some moto GP highlights and a pretty cool battle between Rossi and Lorenzo at Motegi last year. It's good to be drawing for fun again and i really like the colours of the bikes and the leathers of the riders. There's always a splash of colours everywhere because of the different sponsors they have.

The Backoo

The Backoo from Stefan Khan on Vimeo.

ok here's my final independent grad film :) hope you enjoy it.

Quick lil drawings

Just some scribbles.

One of the layouts from the my film. I actually liked doing this one, I thought it was a pretty cool angle and gave some mood to the setting.